About Daniel

Daniel is a web developer based in Brighton, via London and Barcelona. He has worked with the web since late last century when EJBs were a thing. After a little Physics and a lot of Ruby on Rails, he is currently taming the front end at Ocasta Studios.

Daniel creates web interfaces and SPAs using React, Redux, ES6 and Typescript, on top of a foundation of HTML and CSS. He specialises in prototyping interfaces and is currently working on integrating design systems. Daniel has extensive experience creating APIs and full-stack web applications using Ruby on Rails and SQL databases.

Daniel is interested in the psychology of computing, and is currently conducting research into code readability. He has spoken at tech conferences and meetups and is actively involved in the Brighton Tech community.

Daniel is fascinated by language, and having spent a decade living Spain, he has acquired some fluency in Spanish. He is currently learning Dutch, but finding it more of a challenge.

Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane

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